Botox – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

We’ve all heard of Botox – beautiful people use it to stay beautiful. But Botox injections can also help with Migraines. Botox has become a common treatment for Chronic Migraines, which means 15 or more headache days a month.

I have been using Botox for a couple of years now, So while there aren’t a lot of statistical reports on the benefits of Botox, I can share some anecdotal information. 

The Good:

    Botox works for me. Every 3 months, I get injections that paralyse the nerves in my head, preventing them from causing pain. While my Migraines are not gone, the intensity of them has definitely lowered, making life a little easier. 

The Bad:

    It is a LOT of needles. On average, about 32 needles. While they don’t go too deep, it is painful. For me, the procedure involves my forehead, my temples, the base of my head, and my neck – basically a lot of sensitive areas. It hurts a lot, and that pain can last a few hours. 

The Ugly:

    Botox is addictive, in a sense. Once your body responds to the medication, you will feel it when it wears off. This means that at the end of 3 months, my Migraines get worse. This can be frustrating, as life does not always run smoothly. Doctor appointments can be delayed a week, or even a month, due to shipping problems, insurance coverage, or prescription renewals. 

As frustrating and painful as Botox is, it is still worth it. 

Over time, I’ve learned how to handle the injections better. I use a muscle relaxer, an anti-anxiety pill, and a lidocaine cream – the combination helps to numb me to the pain of the needles. 

I recommend Botox for anyone with Chronic Migraines, but I suggest you start the treatment prepared.